Developed by 500 Miles Studio, AYA is a graphic adventure where we will control the forensic investigator who gives the game its name. Starting from her immediate present, in which our protagonist suffers an end-stage Alzheimer, we will travel back eighteen years to Havenmist, her hometown, a small mountain-town, where as players, we must solve the so-called Iscariot case. Howeder, our adventure will take us along the Ashmore state, while we sneak into the lives of dozens of characters, whose secrets lie under that isolated place of eternal snows.

Throughout the investigation, we will perfom autopsies to obtain evidences, we will process crime scenes in search of clues, we will analyse the muerderer´s rituality with which commits his acts, we will investigate the background of the different victims to discover why they were chosen, we will interrogate to possible suspects to wrench them a confession or to hear their testimony, we will raise hypotheses based on the proofs collected, and finally, we will reveal the motivations of its author and the meaning of his “work”.

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